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Automate your accounting

Every transaction reconciled accurately in QuickBooks.

No manual entries. No errors. No discrepancies.
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One click reconciliation

Hit sync, and you’re done for the pay period. Your books? Perfect.

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Clean, organized books without an accountant

All transactions, orders, fees, expenses, returns and sales categorized and reconciled correctly in QuickBooks

Easily change or customize how fees are matched in QuickBooks, for past or future transactions

Know your true profits per SKU, and instantly identify hidden costs

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100% accurate — no manual entry or adjustment ever

No journal entries — your data is automatically matched to correct accounts & categories

App validates all data points by cross-checking multiple reports for 100% accurate sync

Built by accountants & bookkeepers, so your books are balanced to the penny

Free done-for-you onboarding & QuickBooks setup

Your data synced and mapped the way you want it

1:1 onboarding & training, full phone & email support with our NY-based team

All reps intimately familiar with QuickBooks + bookkeeping for marketplaces

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Summary or per SKU sync

Your data and inventory in QuickBooks however you want it.

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Daily, monthly, per-settlement (Amazon) or manual sync

Automate reconciliations on the schedule you choose, or sync manually anytime in a click

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Summary or per item reconciliation

Summary: Automatically balanced books, P&L reports and match your Amazon 1099k for easy tax filing

Per item: Get additional features — track inventory & see profitability per SKU in QuickBooks. More inventory management features →

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Trace sales with Settlement ID details in QuickBooks

Easily trace sales in QuickBooks back to Amazon reports and other marketplaces

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Fees, expenses & returns auto-mapped

Instantly see your actual cost breakdown per item in Quickbooks.

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Every single fee, expense and credit reconciled in QuickBooks

Inventory & storage fees

Referral fees, PPC ad spend,
affiliate costs

Shipping & fulfillment fees

Fulfillment credits and reimbursements

All other fees

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Auto-adjusted profits (and inventory) with every return

Sellable returns credited and returned to inventory

Unsellable returns recorded as a loss, and removed from inventory

Reimbursements cleanly synced to QuickBooks

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Taxes, reports & multi-currency

P&Ls and tax forms in seconds, plus done-for-you currency conversion

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Automatic tax compliance

All taxes tracked and mapped to QuickBooks

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Reports and tax docs done in a click

P&L reports that match your settlement & bank accounts exactly

Accurate 1099k done for you, for easy tax filing

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Multi-currency reconciliation for international sellers

Import transactions in the original sales currency, or automatically convert it to US dollar

accounting sync

The most accurate software out there — and I've tried them all.

"It translates "Amazon" into something my accountant can understand without charging me $200 an hour to decipher it."

Sam Steinmetz
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No more manual entry or fat finger mistakes

Close your books in a few clicks, see your profits as they happen and make decisions knowing you can trust your numbers.

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