Realtime profit & sales reports

about profits?
Not anymore.

See your sales as they happen, and know your net ROI per SKU to the penny

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Business at-a-glance dashboard

Spot sales trends or profit-eaters instantly, and get a total view of where you’re making money each day.

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Gross sales? Net profits? Total orders?

Get a big picture view of what’s going on each day, or for any time period. Or zero in on a specific product and get clear on what you’re making.

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See your refunds, ad costs, margins and ROI

For the day, week and month. So you can instantly catch anything odd or problematic, and adjust pricing to be more profitable or increase sales.

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Get your top sellers each week & month

Picked out for you, and make smarter purchasing, growth and inventory decisions.

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Detailed profit analytics & reports

See your real end profits, with your cost of goods automatically imported from QuickBooks.

Price change?

All costs update automatically — no manual entry — with Quickbooks sync.
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Instantly see profits & sales
on an item level

Gross & net profits

Order quantities & units sold

Ad spend and expenses

Every fee, categorized by type

Returns, including refunds, adjustments and reimbursements

Profit margins, ROI and net profits

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Easily filter, sort and view data
any way you need to

View items by category, buyer, supplier, margins, profitability, sales volume, or any way you like.

Get all the info you need to make profitable decisions, in a few clicks.

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Stock alerts & reorder forecasts

Avoid overstock, understock and not-in-stock penalties & losses, with reports that do the math for you.

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Reorder dates & quantities, based on past sales

Intelligent reports show you each item’s stock levels, daily sales, and days of stock available.

Choose how many days of stock you’d like to keep for each item, and we’ll tell you when and how much to reorder.  All based on how much you’ve sold per season.

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Get high or low
stock alerts

An item not selling? Avoid high storage fees, because you’re alerted about the overstock.

Low on inventory? See it instantly in your dashboard, so you don’t miss re-ordering.

profit analytics

I now know what to order more of, or which products to drop.

“I now know what to order more of, or which products to drop. I can also quickly see if I need to change a price to make more money, or if I could lower the cost to make more sales.”

David Jackson
Commerce 774 LLC

Get a big picture view of everything going on in your business

Close your books in a few clicks, see your profits as they happen and make decisions knowing you can trust your numbers.

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