Reevaluate Shopify Accounting

ConnectBooks is the Shopify accountant you didn’t know you needed. Go from spending hours on bookkeeping to seconds automating your entire accounting process. With ConnectBooks, you get 100% accurate Shopify integration. In just a few clicks, you can generate helpful reports, review your financials, and enjoy the full suite of Shopify accounting services at your disposal. Try ConnectBooks and meet the future of eCommerce accounting.

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Say Goodbye to Your Shopify CPA

When ConnectBooks gives you up-to-date analytics, comprehensive tax management, and even expense forecasting, there’s no need to spend additional time and resources on a CPA just for Shopify. With ConnectBooks and high-end accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero, you have everything you need to manage your accounting with Shopify. Let ConnectBooks save you time and money.

Shopify Accounting Software For Instant Data Syncing

Regardless of the accounting software you prefer to use, you need a way to make sure that your data is correct across all of your selling channels and platforms. ConnectBooks is the only Shopify accounting software that can take your Shopify data and make sure that it is imported with 100% accuracy to QuickBooks and Xero. Get all of the information synced in seconds, and then analyze your business financials in the ConnectBooks dashboard.

Cost-Effective Shopify Bookkeeping

ConnectBooks is far less expensive than an accountant and much more cost-effective than any other bookkeeping solution on the market. With ConnectBooks, you can see your profits, expenses, and overall cash flow in a way that is easy to understand and digest. Make your life even simpler with balance sheets, SKU profit tracking, and much more. If you switch to ConnectBooks, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

ConnectBooks — The Best Accounting Software For Shopify

Before you get started with ConnectBooks, take a look at even more features:

  • Accurate net profit reports
  • Landed cost calculations
  • Live sales feed
  • ROI for PPC ad spend
  • Stock alerts
  • KPI reports
  • Integration with QuickBooks and Xero
  • Inventory tracking per fulfillment channel
  • Match 1099k for rapid tax filing
  • Multi-currency support
  • Item-level reports
  • Kit & bundle items