Accuracy Guarantee

100% accurate sync for perfect-to-the-penny books.

Here’s how we do it + how you can check it.

How we make sure all data in every sync is accurate

Transactions auto-reconciled to payments

Every transaction is matched and reconciled to the marketplace payment. So you can track every transaction, and your final reconciliation is complete, perfect and easily verifiable.

Every single number. From every single report.

Our algorithm extracts all data from all your marketplace reports (unlike all other apps that only pull some of the reports).

Then it checks your data against multiple points in multiple reports with advanced calculations and matching algorithms developed by bookkeepers & accountants.

No QuickBooks or Xero data duplication or overload

Your data syncs once the settlement is closed and payment is in the bank (no daily or hourly Amazon sync) so that every transaction is instantly matched to your bank deposit.

QuickBooks / Xero only gets clean, perfect data, instead of multiple or mis-matched transaction entries.

Want to see it for yourself?

Want proof? Check it yourself on your data in a few minutes by comparing QuickBooks and ConnectBooks reports — and seeing how they’re identical. Watch this video to see how