Rethink Amazon Accounting

ConnectBooks is your new Amazon accountant. Turn hours of manual data entry into seconds of automated accounting and 100% accurate Amazon integration. With ConnectBooks, you can access accurate P&L reporting, a full suite of Amazon accounting services, and much more. It’s the future of accounting for Amazon Sellers.

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Better Than an Amazon CPA

View real-time updates, manage tax deductions, and forecast expenses and revenue with ease. ConnectBooks gives you tools for fast Amazon FBA accounting, tax reporting, and inventory management. It’s like having your very own Amazon tax specialist, CPA, and bookkeeper all in one — for a fraction of the cost.

Automated bookkeeping for Amazon Sellers

Pull data from Amazon, sync it to QuickBooks, and get a full view of everything — from sales to inventory reports. Take the data you need most and organize it with one click. Compare your COGS to net profits, detect Amazon fees and deductions, and see how costs are affecting your bottom line. All of this is made simple with ConnectBooks.

Accounting Software to Transform Your Amazon Business

ConnectBooks lets you know where every dollar is going in real time. Use it to cut wasteful spending, maximize profits, and build a stronger, more efficient business. Ease the burden of accounting with accurate reports, helpful sorting tools, and SKU profit tracking. With ConnectBooks, you have the power of high-tech accounting at your fingertips.

Amazon Seller accounting made easy.

Before you get started with ConnectBooks, take a look at even more features:

  • Accurate net profit reports
  • Landed cost calculations
  • Live sales feed
  • ROI for PPC ad spend
  • Stock alerts
  • KPI reports
  • Integration with QuickBooks and Xero
  • Inventory tracking per fulfillment channel
  • Match 1099k for rapid tax filing
  • Multi-currency support
  • Item-level reports
  • Kit & bundle items