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Amazon Seller Fees - 2024 Guide


January 8, 2024

As an Amazon Seller, fees can seem like the bane of your existence. You work so hard to sell and market your products, only to see your profits hampered by endless fees. However, Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world, and fees are just the cost of selling on Amazon and accessing millions of potential buyers.

And though Amazon fees may seem excessive, they are actually pretty reasonable. But if you’re not sure which selling fees on Amazon apply to your business, you may just feel frustrated about all the money being deducted from your payments. So, in today’s guide, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about Amazon’s fees for selling. But first, let’s take a look at the costs you can expect with different seller plans available on Amazon:

Amazon Seller Plans

As of 2024, there are just two primary Amazon Seller plans:

  • Individual - This plan is specifically designed for people and small businesses that sell a relatively low number of items (fewer than 40 items per month). While this plan structure does not charge any subscription fees, it does charge $0.99 per item sold (in addition to other fees). This plan offers the most basic features applicable to Amazon Sellers.
  • Professional - This plan is designed for individuals and businesses that sell more than 40 items per month and need more advanced features. The current subscription fee to use this plan is $39.99 per month (plus additional fees). To account for the higher cost, the Professional plan offers dozens of advanced features not included in the Individual plan, like bulk listings, inventory reports, API integration, and more.

Amazon Referral Fees

Amazon charges referral fees whenever you sell an item on the platform. The fees vary depending on the product category and the item's selling price. As of 2024, referral fees are most often calculated as a percentage of the item's total sales price, including any shipping or gift wrap charges, but not including taxes.

The majority of referral fees land somewhere between 8% and 15%. However, there are some exceptions. Additionally, almost every category institutes a $0.30 minimum referral fee. Here are a few examples of referral fee percentages for some of the most popular categories:

  • Amazon Device Accessories - 45%
  • Automotive and Powersports - 12%
  • Backpacks, Handbags, and Luggage - 15%
  • Clothing and Accessories - 17%
  • Computers - 8%
  • Consumer Electronics - 8%
  • Footwear - 15%
  • Home and Kitchen - 15%
  • Lawn and Garden - 15%
  • Media - 15%
  • Toys and Games - 15%

Amazon FBA Fees

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) refers to the program that lets Amazon store, pack, and ship each item on your behalf. The alternative is Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), in which you pay certain Amazon FBM fees to manage the shipping on your own. Either way, you’ll have to pay fees to make sure that your products can get from storage to your customer’s doorstep.

Fulfillment by Amazon fees cover the cost of storing, packing, and shipping your products, as well as handling customer service and returns. These fees are charged per unit and vary based on the size and weight of the item. Here are the current ranges of fulfillment fees as of 2024:

  • Small Standard - Between $3.22 and $3.27
  • Standard Large - Between $3.86 and $7.17
  • Small Oversize - $9.73 + $0.42 per pound, above the first pound
  • Medium Oversize - $19.05 + $0.42 per pound, above the first pound
  • Large Oversize - $89.98 + $0.83 per pound, above 90 pounds
  • Special Oversize - $158.49 + $0.83 per pound, above 90 pounds

Since the fulfillment fees are relatively straightforward, you probably won’t need an FBA fee calculator. However, you can use the Amazon fee calculator to see some of the most common fees applicable to your business.

Amazon Small and Light Fees

Amazon's FBA Small and Light program is designed for fast-moving, small, and lightweight products that are priced under a certain threshold (typically under $7). This program offers reduced fulfillment fees compared to standard FBA, making it more cost-effective for sellers of qualifying items.

Here are the current ranges for Amazon Small and Light fulfillment fees:

  • Small Standard - Between $2.47 and $3.77
  • Large Standard - Between $4.42 and $5.40

Amazon Storage Fees

Amazon FBA storage fees are charged for storing your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers. These fees are based on the volume (measured in cubic feet) of your stored products and are billed monthly. In 2024, the storage fees start at $0.83 per cubic foot, per month. However, keep in mind that Amazon charges more to store products during the “busy” season, which is October through December. During these months, you can expect to pay roughly 3x more for storage.

Also keep in mind that additional fees may apply in certain situations, such as long-term storage fees for items stored over 365 days, removal fees, and fees for optional services like labeling or packaging. For inventory that has been stored for 365 days or more, you will be charged $6.90 per cubic foot per month, or $0.15 per unit per month, whichever is greater. These costs are assessed in addition to the regular monthly storage fees.

Additional Amazon Selling Fees

In addition to referral fees, FBA fees, and storage fees, there are other fees that you should know about. Here are some common Amazon selling fees you might come across:

  • High-Volume Listing Fee: If you have a high number of non-media product listings that have not sold in the past 12 months, Amazon may charge a high-volume listing fee. This fee is $0.005 per eligible listing, per month, assessed on listings that exceed 100,000.
  • Refund Administration Fee: When a seller issues a refund to a buyer, Amazon may charge a refund administration fee.
  • Rental Book Service Fee: If you use Amazon's textbook rental program, you will be charged a rental book service fee.
  • FBA Removal Fees -If you decide to have Amazon return or dispose of your FBA inventory, you will be charged a removal fee. The fee varies based on the size and weight of the item.
  • FBA Label Service fees - If your FBA items require Amazon barcode labels and you opt for Amazon's FBA Label Service, you will be charged a per-item fee.
  • FBA Prep Service Fees - If you use Amazon's FBA Prep Service to prepare your products for shipment, you will be charged fees based on the type of prep service required. These fees can include bubble wrapping, polybagging, taping, and more, with costs ranging from around $0.50 to $2.50 per item.
  • FBA Export Fees - For sellers who use FBA Export to fulfill international orders, Amazon charges a per-item export fee. This fee also varies based on the size and weight of the item.

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