Realtime Comparison Reporting

is the beginning
of greatness.

Optimize your business's performance, increase your sales, boost your profits, and optimize your advertising spend by comparing key performance indicators.

Identify your Growth Levers

Pinpoint the growth drivers of your business with our fully customizable report for a clear and holistic perspective.

Gain clear insights into how ad spend directly influences your profits.

Quickly compare the impact of pricing on profit with customizable reporting.

Identify your profit-generating sweet spot effortlessly for maximized earnings.

Fully Customizable, Realtime Reporting

Explore tailored-to-your-business comparison reports, allowing you to effortlessly delve into specific time frames with just a few clicks.

Compare key performance indicators to previous time periods, such as:


Average Sale Price

Return Rate

Profit Per Item


Profit Margin

Average cost per item

Ad Spend


Time is in your control.
Evaluate your business by:





or whatever time period makes sense for your business.

Track your performance against industry standards, enabling data-driven decisions that provide a competitive edge.

Business Health Insights

Monitor your business’s health, analyze its growth, and make informed decisions with real-time access to all the most important data impacting your business.

Support Trend Analysis
Identify sales patterns and plan your strategies effectively.

Empower Inventory Management
Optimize stock levels with order count data.

Unlock Customer Insights
Understand customer behavior and tailor your marketing efforts.

Business Health Insights
Detailed breakdown into the performance of your business.

Get a big picture view of everything going on in your business

Close your books in a few clicks, see your profits as they happen and make decisions knowing you can trust your numbers.

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