case study

How DALT Brands cut their worries in half while saving 10 hours a week

“You don’t want to spend time crunching numbers when you don’t have to. Connectbooks makes life easier by giving you accurate data. You hit a button and get a clear “real time” picture on a product level.”

Tommy Gerard
Managing Partner at DALT Brands

The client

DALT Brands sells specialty gift sacks, beauty products, and gift boxes on Amazon. Tommy is an established entrepreneur with over 20 years of start-ups and e-commerce business and has used all major accounting solutions including Quicbooks Desktop and Online, Xero, NetSuute and more. Established in 2020, DALT Brands has been a Connectbooks customer since early 2021.

The challenge

Trying to compile accurate data left little time for decisions that really mattered.

Tommy Gerard, Managing Partner at DALT Brands, knew exactly what he wanted from an accounting program. He just couldn’t find it — even after researching and testing apps like A2X and Xero that supposedly did this.

“We wanted to know our cost of goods and impact on SKU on an individual level.

We tried to use A2X integration with Xero. Still, error-ridden data, and no cost of goods calculated in any shape or form.”

He needed those numbers to make sense of his business. He couldn’t make any high-level decisions about when to change prices, when to run promotions, and or what future products to invest in.

“Data is king. Without data your business is done.”

Plus, there was the nagging fear of being audited, and being unable to tie out numbers and have them categorized correctly. So he spent 10 or more hours a week working on accounting and wasted the brain space he should have had for business decisions and growth on bookkeeping.

The solution

Swiftly compiled, clear reports that gave him back his time

Tommy searched through QuickBooks integrations available, which is how he found Connectbooks. He thought the price was somewhat high, but still within reason, and decided to give it a shot.

“It was a relief to find Connectbooks and its simplicity.

You hit a button and it does an import.  It’s very straightforward and intuitive to use.”

Connectbooks impressed Tommy with their smooth onboarding, but even more, the high level of accuracy and how it saved him days of his time weekly.

“There’s no margin of error. Everything is already categorized correctly.

I always want to know ‘Am I auditing-proofing myself?’. Instead of me trying to take Amazon settlement reports and reconciling them line by line, they do the work that I shouldn’t spend my time doing.”

Finally he had his cost of goods and his profit, without the headache of manual entry.

“If I have 40 SKUs, I want to know which ones contribute to my profit.

I don’t have time to do it on a transactional level manually, but I don’t have to. Connectbooks gives a crystal clear picture, on a product level, of where we are in terms of profit.”

DALT Brand’s days of worrying about getting their data straight were over.

The result

10 hours a week gained for focusing on growing business and complete confidence in their numbers

Overall, Tommy and DALT Brands felt good about their decision to go with Connectbooks because they got the features they needed.

“The biggest pluses were the inventory tracking and cost of goods sold (COGS) reporting. No solution does that at this reasonable price and as efficiently.”

The efficiency Connectbooks affords allowed Tommy to focus on his role as managing partner, rather than worrying about getting a basic grasp on numbers.

“Connectbooks keeps me from spending my time on accounting and lets me focus on the rest of business. It freed up about 10 hours a week to do other things! 

Instead of looking at what did I sell this week, I can look at how to sell more and what my data tells me about how the business is going.”

Plus, recently, DALT Brands was able to expand!

“We’re adding gift boxes in addition to our burlap gift sacks.With Connectbooks I have time to focus on making high level decisions about growth.”

With its audit-proof accuracy, easy-to-use interface, and automatic inventory updates  Connectbooks gave DALT Brands the accounting solution they needed to build their business.

Want to see if Connectbooks can save you hours on accounting and give you instant clarity to grow faster and accelerate profits?