case study

How Eagle Peak uses Connectbooks to get their books done in just 5 minutes a month — error-free

“I used to spend so much time trying to understand issues and get inventory straight, but now balances always match.

Andrew Brassard
CEO at Eagle Peak

The client

Eagle Peak is an online retailer that sells pop-up canopies, gazebos, greenhouses, and outdoor structures on Amazon US, UK and AU, as well as, ebay, and other online marketplaces.

Established in 2018, they’ve been a Connectbooks customer since 2020.

The challenge

Online marketplaces reports made reconciling numbers a drawn-out nightmare

When Andrew Brassard’s company, Eagle Peak, started selling online he did the accounting manually, but he quickly realized it wouldn’t be sustainable or scalable.

“I couldn’t spend 2 days a month trying to figure out the settlements."

He looked for a program to help, and found one. But that created a mess of its own!

“I started using a company, and it was better than manual reconciliation, but whoever developed that program didn’t seem to have a solid grasp of accounting. Our balance wasn’t matching what Amazon had and inventory wasn’t being updated accurately.”

The inaccuracy made for some unwelcome surprises.

“When you're managing your company’s financials, you try to track everything. You don’t want to see BOOM - surprise loss! - where your cash flow isn’t what you think it is. The other program was showing more inventory than I actually had, because returns weren’t being deducted.”

Andrew went in search of a solution. His online research led him to Connectbooks, and from the first call they changed his business.

The solution

Automatic accounting that’s so accurate, he never has to double-check

Accurate reports at the click of a button? It sounded too good to be true.

“At first, I was skeptical, but then I saw I wouldn’t have to spend time on it like I did before. My balance matches exactly what Amazon says, my inventory is exactly what Amazon shows.”

Besides for down-to-the-penny accurate reports and inventory tracking, Andrew appreciated the intuitive functionality of Connectbooks.

“It’s simple and intuitive how to map SKUs. The system even notifies you if something isn’t mapped.”

Andrew was so excited to have found a solution for his Amazon US accounting, he wanted Connectbooks for all his marketplaces. So he asked.

“Their service is the best! I wanted to know ‘Can you simplify all my other marketplaces?’ And they’ve come around on most: they added Amazon UK and AUS, Walmart and Ebay. ”

Expanding into new marketplaces brings different complexities into the accounting and programming equations. But even as Eagle Peaks and Connectbooks grew, Andrew found the service to be impeccable.

“Even though we’ve doubled and tripled in size, Connectbooks hasn't had any trouble scaling with our business. They’ve kept the same level of accuracy, efficiency, and customer service.”

The result

Just 5 minutes a month spent on something that used to take days

Having numbers he can trust handed to him in a single, easy-to-digest report a month has made Andrew’s job more enjoyable, because it gave him back the valuable resource: time.

“There’s a lot of software out there, in this space specifically, that is kind of close, but not super accurate, which means you still have to do a lot of work.

With Connectbooks, I didn’t have to waste my time checking and fixing. I could focus just on the business.”

Andrew explains that Connectbooks makes this part of his job as easy as possible.

“I wait for the settlements to post - it’s usually 4 - 5 days after the Amazon cut-off -  and then I login to check. All I have to do is click the green export button and I’m done.

It also saves me time by all the data from these marketplaces being in one place.”

Eagle Peak recommends any marketplace seller who’s looking for an accounting solution to consider Connectbooks.

“It’s super simple and your books will be accurate. What could be better than something you know is going to work?”

Want to see if Connectbooks can save you hours on accounting and give you instant clarity to grow faster and accelerate profits?