case study

How Connectbooks helped Exponent Management free up 75% of Amazon bookkeeping time

We gained back three out of every four hours we used to spend on Amazon bookkeeping. It helped us lower client bookkeeping costs, advise clients on strategy instead of just entering data, and increase our profits.”

Esti Szegedin
CEO & Founder of Exponent management

The client

Exponent Management is a bookkeeping and financial advisory company. They handle day-to-day business tasks and data entry, as well as new company setups, payroll, reports, budgeting, and forecasting.

The challenge

Getting accurate books could eat up your weekends, and turn your hair gray

When Exponent Management was just starting out, the program for Amazon reconciling that Esti Szegedin, CEO & Founder, used was clunky: It took forever, needed hours of manual entry, was super tedious, but the results were still never perfect.

“Before we switched, I wasn’t ever sure if it was accurate. We would waste a lot of time double-checking, using this equation and that equation, making adjustments, and still, it was never 100% accurate. It was very stressful.”

On top of that, there was the mystery of Amazon fees.

“Amazon itself does not give you a break-down of what fees they’re charging item by item. We could figure out what we owed, but not which items were most profitable, since we didn’t know which ones were causing which fees.”

Bookkeeping basics were swallowing all their time, and there was no time for looking at the bigger picture — and seeing how to build more profits.

The solution

A seamless integration with blow-it-out-of-the-water support

Unhappy with the hours and hours her team was losing, Esti did some research and discovered Connectbooks.

“The first time I saw what ConnectBooks could do I thought ‘Whoever created this program is an organization genius.’ 

It’s so user-friendly! Everything is in the right place, everything is easy to find, everything is just neat and easy to look at.”

Exponent Management went with the premium plan that offered per SKU sync in QuickBooks. It had all the features they needed to ensure their clients got the clearest picture of their business’ finances. There were reports for everything they want to know. Whether that was exact inventory on any given day, a summary of costs and profits, or a particular item’s fees.

“The reports are very clear and there’s so much specific information. Any feature you could think of, they have it - or they’re already working on adding it to the website.”

Plus, Connectbooks blew Esti away with their customer service. Right from day one.

“I scheduled a phone call to set up an account. They were super helpful and nice; they explained everything I wanted to know.

It was an easy setup because they totally guided me through the process and they actually set up some of it for me.”

And it wasn’t just a we-wow-you-with-the-start-and-then-it-falls-apart deal. Any time Exponent Management had an issue, they just called and the Connectbooks staff took care of it.

“Any issues with items, we just called them up and they fixed them. There was never a problem that there was no solution for. 

For example, with one client we didn’t start using Connectbooks right from the beginning of the business, so we had a lot of old inventory that we had to enter into the system. 

They explained to me where Connectbooks gets the numbers from on Quickbooks, and after we finished entering - boom - our numbers on Connectbooks were accurate. 

Wasn’t surprising because whenever I have a question they have an answer. They know how to fix every problem.”

Connectbooks also empowered Exponent Management to build their clients’ revenue with the knowledge of how Amazon fees work.

“Connectbooks gives me a breakdown on every fee charged on every item. Using this feature, we learned all sorts of information! For example, which items are charged storage fees or long-term storage fees.”

With clear reports, fantastic support, and Amazon demystified Exponent Management was ready to step up their Amazon bookkeeping services.

The result

75% more time to invest in business growth

Exponent Management gained back about three out of every four hours they used to spend on clearing up client’s Amazon inventory. With Connectbooks they were able to lower client bookkeeping costs, boost client businesses instead of just entering data, and increase their own profits.

“I have the time to review the reports to see how the business is doing instead of entering all the fees. I have the time to oversee the outcome and see if we need to change anything.”

Plus, with a clear understanding of Amazon’s fee structure, they were able to advise their clients on where to adjust for profits, instead of just pointing out when there’s a loss.

“Connectbooks showed us EXACTLY what we’re paying in Amazon fees and ad spend, so we instantly see which items are more profitable. That lets us show our clients what they can pay and charge per SKU to still make a profit.

Want to see if Connectbooks can save you hours on accounting and give you instant clarity to grow faster and accelerate profits?